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Beer City Kegerators

At Beer City Kegerators, we know how much you love beer. Whether it’s enjoying a glass at home after a hard days’ work, or throwing a party for your friends, you want the perfect brew. We can give it to you.

About Us

Frank Beard opened Beer City Kegerators nine years after the craft beer scene came to life in Asheville. Frank was inspired after purchasing his own commercial grade kegerator, which allowed him to enjoy several craft beers on tap in the comfort of his home. After falling in love with the convenience of pouring the exact amount he wanted for himself and his friends along with the luxury of having multiple styles at hand, Frank was enthused to give other beer lovers the same opportunity.

Today, we offer superior beer equipment and services. As a company, we work hard to bring the best beer of Asheville’s streets into the convenience of your home.

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